Six Dubai Property Visa Rules 2020

Six Dubai Property Visa Rules 2020 to Follow for an Investor Visa

Getting a Dubai Property Visa seems like a dream. Almost everyone dreams about it, but only those who make their moves in the right direction can make their dream come true. By the end of this article, I will tell you all the moves you have to make to get this visa. However, firstly, you have to know about the new Dubai Property Visa Rules issued by the government of Dubai in the year 2020.

You need to know that whatever you read on the internet is not always accurate. This is why I am writing this blog to educate you about Dubai property visa rules. Genuinely, I did not understand how the methodology worked and what were the necessities of UAE money related master visa through property purchase in Dubai.

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, this has become additional help that I offer to any person who is eager to know about getting investor visas for their property and would prefer not to encounter the physical work of doing things themselves. Long story short, all you have to do to get your investor visa is to follow the mentioned Dubai Property Visa Rules.

Wages and Job Expanse ( 1/6 Dubai Property Visa Rules)

The visa that you will get for your property purchase in Dubai will be an essential investor visa, which suggests that you or any of your family members will not be allowed to work on this visa.

In case if you or any of your relatives need to work, the visa status ought to be changed, and the affiliation which reaches out to the business opportunity should give a sponsored visa.

The Fee ( 2/6 Dubai Property Visa Rules)


Before I ricochet into the nuances of how the Dubai property visa works, let us talk about the money, it can cost you.

6 Month Visa Fee

The half-year property visa is not super costly. The cost of this visa is around AED 2,000.

3 Year Visa Fee

There are different divisions included with respect to the half-year residency visa for your property in Dubai. The cost of getting the visa will generally be AED 15,000.

Estimation of the Property and its Type. ( 3/6 Dubai Property Visa Rules)

dubai property residence visa

To get the visa, it is essential to know the estimation of the for you certainly understand that the price of investor visa for property in Dubai is AED 1,000,000. Although, there is a great deal of clashing information related to little scope nuances and we are going to address those underneath.

Property Rate

The purchase regarding your property ought to be around AED 1,000,000 or above. In case you bought a property barely a few years ago for AED 9,00,000, and now the property is worth AED 1,000,000, it will not meet all prerequisites for the visa.

Variety of the Property

Dubai Land Department is accepting applications for business properties such as Hotel Room, Hotel Apartment, Office, Warehouse, and many more. However, in the early days, the visa was only given to residential properties. If you purchased a property worth AED 1m or above yet, it is not built up yet, or there is a chance that it is not in a tolerable state, you will not meet all prerequisites for the investor visa.

Properties on which you can apply for the investor visa:

  • Apartment/Condo
  • Services Apartment
  • Mansions, Villa and Townhouse
  • Hotel Suite
  • Resort Room
  • Office
  • Loft/Warehouse

Properties on which you can not apply for the investor visa:

  • Mortgaged property
  • Plot or land
  • Off-Plan Property

Condition of the Property ( 4/6 Dubai Property Visa Rules)

Dubai property owners visa

I have quite recently kept an eye on the issue of property. The incentive to develop this point is that I had various clients fighting on the position of property as specific investors unscrupulously taught them that if they buy their off course of progress property, they will get a tenant visa of Dubai.

Thus, we should bore down into what condition your property ought to be in order to meet all necessities for UAE property visa.

Freehold Property

The property for which you wish to apply for UAE property visa must be a freehold property, period. This is the standard number one, and there is no exceptional case to it.

Arranged Property

Let’s explain it in a way, so it stands separated fittingly, your property needs to be in good condition, no visa will be issued if the property is under construction.

If anyone is selling you an under-construction property and attempting to convince you that you can get UAE inhabitant visa reliant on procurement of that property is either fooling you purposefully or is dormant enough not to try to affirm information given to him by his accomplice/group head. Another thing to recall is, there should be no inquiries against the property, and it should be 100% arranged to move in.

Tolerable Condition

The property ought to be in a liveable condition. If the property has been announced dangerous by authorities in any capacity whatsoever, no Dubai property visa will be surrendered, taking everything into account.

Types of Visas Available ( 5/6 Dubai Property Visa Rules)


 There are three kinds of investors visas, and you can choose any of them. One is a three-month distinctive segment Dubai property visa, and the other is three years of various entry Dubai property visas. Let’s discuss these visa types underneath.

3 Year Visa

This is the most notable visa type, and a huge part of the clients like to go for this option. The visa is given for quite a while residency and can be restored beforehand or upon expiry at a possible cost. If you have to value all the upsides of being an occupant, a UAE, then this visa elective is best for you.

 Later, we will discuss in understanding the cost and method drawn in with this visa.

6 Month Visa

The half-year visa is regarded as a visitor visa, you will not be given an Emirates ID like any person who gets a long stretch occupant visa, and you will not have to encounter a clinical evaluation tool. The fundamental features of half-year examiner visas are modest cost, short planning time, and easy to do it in isolation. I will inspect the cost and procedure down below.

5 Year Visa

The Dubai government in 2018 pronounced that a five-year visa will be given to property theorists in Dubai. In July 2019, this got successful. If you have invested AED 5 million in properties and have no home advance on any of the properties, you can possess all the necessary qualities for a five years Dubai property visa.


Required Records & Documents ( 6/6 Dubai Property Visa Rules)

Dubai land department investor visa

The documents required by Dubai Property Visa are the same, even if you apply for a half a year or three years. There is a slight change in specific necessities. So I’m listing the essential records you may require.

Records Required for 6 Month Visa

  • NOC from Developer
  • Current Visa Copy
  • 1x Passport Size Photo
  • Original Title Deed
  • Original Passport
  • Good Conduct Certificate from Dubai Police

The above records must be submitted in the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai. The office is located in AlJafilliya behind the Jafiliya police home office in Bur Dubai. You can also visit any of the Amer Centers to process this visa.

Records Required for 3 Year Visa

  • Original Passport
  • Good Conduct Certificate from Dubai Police
  • Current Visa Copy
  • Original Title Deed
  • 1 Passport Size Photo

Like a half year visa, there are different categories connected with the system to whom records have to be submitted during different periods of the procedure. The productive thing is, all the workplaces have their branches inside the Dubai Land Department, so you are not required to go to any other spot.

Records Required for 5 Year Visa

  • Your Original Title Deeds
  • 1 Passport Size Photo
  • Your Original Passport
  • Current Visa Copy

For five years, the visa is fitting to those investors who have entrusted AED 5 million in Dubai Property. The method has been made significantly less confusing, does not cost as much as a three-year visa, and finishes in a few days but a five-year visa, which can take up to 3 weeks.

Process for Applying for Property Visa


Before pushing ahead and beginning the procedure of getting a Dubai investor visa, confirm that you have all the updated information and data. Watch out for all the necessities above and put all the vital files in a record.

For a 6 Month Dubai Property Visa

The concerned office for such a visa is the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai. Coming up next are the way to follow;

  • Reach the director and apply for NOC. Unequivocally let them know that you want the NOC for a multi-month visa. The cost of this NOC shifts from developer to developer.
  • When you get the NOC from the developer, this is when you have to visit the Dubai Police. You can visit any central police station near you and apply for developer verification. In case you have/had an Emirates ID, you can skirt this system and apply online through the Dubai Police website/application. The cost of this certification is AED 220.
  • Take the NOC, confirmation, and supporting record to the GDRFA head office to ask at the reception desk. They will escort you further about what the next steps are to be taken.
  • Now, wait for a few days, and your visa will be sent to you in the email address you have provided.

For 3 Years of Dubai Property Visa

Let us address the elephant in the room now. In less than the half-year visa, there are different workplaces included after the visits to the Dubai Land Department. Hence the waiting days are progressively more. Here are the steps that have to be taken:

  • Go to Dubai Land Department, where they will give you a reference letter to be submitted to Dubai Police for a good conduct certificate. If you already have your emirates ID, directly go to the Dubai Police site/application and apply for another. Give the verification around two days to appear in your email.
  • When you receive your good conduct certificate, take it with you with other consistent files to the Dubai Land Department. They will examine the records, and if documents are accurate, your application will be accepted. Hold on for around 6 to 8 working days to get a report on your application.
  • Usually, you will receive a text. Once in a while, you should visit and follow up on the approval application.
  • Once the confirmation is received, revisit the Dubai Land Department. Now you have to apply for a trade license. Keep it together for another 4 to 5 working days for issuance of the license.
  • Now that your license is approved, revisit the Dubai Land Department and provide them your title deed. In a day, you will get a text from them.
  • When the confirmation text is received, revisit the Dubai Land Department, and collect your title deed. Take the new title deed along with all the files and apply for a resident license. Wait for two or three hours after application. The license will be sent to your provided email address.

Five Year Dubai Property Visa Process

The procedure of five years of Dubai property visa is simpler when compared to a 3-year visa.

Make sure that you have an essential related document along with you.

Go to Dubai Land Department and inquire about the two-year visa.

They will look at the documents you provided and verify it. They will ask for the charges for processing the visa, and you are good to go.

You will get the visa in 2 to 3 working days.