Must-Know Details About Dubai Safari Park

Dubai, the major business center spot of the United Arab Emirates, is known as the wealthiest city among the Gulf countries. The city offers mind-blowing activities to its guests from phenomenal nightlife to rich encounters as a visitor. Regardless, one place of interest remains at the top among them all, and that is Dubai Safari Park.

It is continuously a groundbreaking encounter to spend an event in the exceptional Arabian Desert and having encountered the safari, viewing, experiencing a night included with the brilliance of nature, Arabian music, heavenly nourishment, and that is just a glimpse of something more substantial.

The Experience Of Dubai Safari Parks

The visit to safari starts in the night or the Morning over the desert of Dubai with stunning photos of the desert ridges. While the drive continues over the desert. You welcome the magnificent dawn before showing up at the campground where you get the opportunity to take a camel ride, sandboarding, and get a henna painting on hands for young ladies. Furthermore, you can get the Falconry experience.

Dubai safari park price

To consume a few calories, you can have a scrumptious flame broil meal and shisha. In the camp, you will watch the skilled dancers performing an Arabian dance around the blazing fire.

There are many Desert Safaris in Dubai. From guest Point of View What Facilities a Best Safari Should have are;

  • Commitment: The Best Safari Always remains firm to its responsibility. It gives all the offices that appear in the promotion.
  • Affordability is also a mattered point in Dubai Safari Park. Reasonable rates with greater happiness are always ideal. Numerous companies give practical Dubai Desert Safari Deals in Dubai Safari Park; however, some of them are modest with no shrouded charges.
  • Fun and Entertainment: To wrap things up, the principal reason for this Desert Safari is Fun and Enjoyment.

Would You Like To Visit A Dubai Safari Park?

Truly you do. There are various ways you can appreciate the desert. You can drive or be driven. The ridge slamming is energizing as an exciting ride and far better when you are in a surrey and driving. The business visits are sufficient for the vacationer, yet we would suggest you get in the driver’s seat.

When you take a gander at the desert, it would appear as a desolate heap of sand. At the point when you are driving, you perceive how the rises are alive. The discharge sounds as you slide down the hills, the greenery accessible where it is challenging to develop and the existence that exists—the calm being in no place.

For What Reason Is Dubai Safari Park Praised?

Dubai is a beautiful desert city with a great foundation. It is a stunning spot for occasion and celebration. A dessert safari park is acclaimed for a definitive travel harmony, out most far-reaching trips come total with 4×4 hill slamming, camel rides, and a mouth-watering grill supper joined by stunning hip twirling execution.

Desert safaris today have become among the essential spots in the region. Dubai Desert Safari is viewed as the most energizing and well-known visit in Dubai, and a tour to Dubai isn’t considered as complete without a visit to the Desert Safaris in Dubai. Almost all desert safari visitors do a smorgasbord supper.

What Can You Do In Dubai Safari Park?

Following is the rundown of various activities to do in Dubai Desert Safari:

Re-opening Date Dubai Safari
  • Dusk Photography
  • Bar-b-que Dinner
  • Tanura Show
  • Hip twirl
  • Night Desert Safari
  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Medium-term Desert Safari
  • Hill Bashing
  • Hill Buggy Ride
  • Quad Bike
  • Earth Bike
  • Sandboarding
  • Arabic Dress Photography
  • Camel Riding
  • Pony Riding
  • Shop and Sand Art accessible.

Everything will be served on the table like “Hubble Bubble,” beverages, and nourishment. It’s an immense, very much dealt with the park. Most creatures recorded in the recreation center guide were there as of now. You can see the gorilla, rhinoceros, crocodiles, hippos, lions, tigers, giraffes, and except for elephants. While, the best part is, you can see them slightly up close. The Safari Village is an unquestionable necessity, so make sure to get the Combo Ticket and head directly to the Arabian Village for carriage charge to the Village.

Children would appreciate the Kids Farm there as well. While the staff is very much aware of their obligations and is careful. Food and beverages sold are sensibly evaluated, as well.


  • Go on a weekday to show up by 10 am. Booking tickets online is ideal than waiting in lines. Do consider that moving between various Villages requires the surrey. Finally, there’s holding uptime.
  • Pack some food with you. There weren’t a lot of food alternatives there. Most were popcorn, frozen yogurt, seared chips, etc.
  • Ensure you wear comfortable fabric, and you may walk a great deal and book the ticket with a transport visit.
  • It is smarter to have light snacks with you in the middle of to revive as well.

Is Dubai Safari Park Open Nowadays?

No, Safari park has been shut from May 15 and is planned to open with some new shows and overhauls soon enough. There are no official reviving dates. Anyway, we can expect an open day soon.

Activities in Dubai Safari Park

What Is The Most Favored Activity In Dubai Safari Park?

Dubai may be celebrated for its particular way of life. It is situated on the Arabian Peninsula and may not be perhaps the greenest spot on the planet. Yet, that doesn’t prevent Dubai from being one of the most visited urban communities around the world. Vacationers are progressively motivated towards meeting the courageous side of the city, which lies in its heart. Here are some astounding exercises to do in Dubai desert are;

Grand Sunrise

Seeing the supernatural sun transcending the skyline is a view that everybody cherishes, regardless of where you are on the planet to see this beautiful scene.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is the gutsiest portion of your visit to Dubai. Navigate the long miles of desert on the rear of a camel, much the same as the Arabs used to do back when their riches weren’t oil-driven.

Sand Ski

There is no way that you will be out of activity on your safari Dubai visit, however, in case you have a feeling that you are, Sand ski is the best thing that you ought to pick. You will appreciate the sand ski.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is an exciting activity in the desert, particularly in case you intend to go with your loved ones.

Bar-b-que Buffet

This journey through the desert consistently concludes with a healthy BBQ, which is presented with numerous other Arabic dishes.

What time Should You go to a desert safari in Dubai?

Morning Desert Safari, Afternoon Desert Safari, and Evening Desert Safari are three sorts of desert safaris offered by mainstream Dubai travel organizations.

Dubai Desert Safari
  •  Morning is the best time for the individuals who come to Dubai for a short business visit and need to load onto a trip inside an hour or two.
  •  If you are tripping for a long duration, settle on the evening time as evening desert safari is exceptionally intended for desert sports sweethearts who need to encounter rise slamming, big bicycle riding, sandboarding, and camel riding.
  •  Evening Desert Safari is a complete bundle and the best chance to encounter Bedouin life. 5-6 hours are required for night desert safari.

It begins before the nightfall and proceeds until late. You can appreciate camel riding and furthermore experience sandboarding, hill slamming, and other desert sports. Other than that, Arab community food is served in tents, and hip twirl dance shows from belly dancers give lifetime retrospections.

Where To Book A Dubai Safari Park?

As to Desert Safari, various sites are selling this business. Besides, you can also book the trip with your Travel Agent, and your Hotel in Dubai can also orchestrate the journey. The expense of Standard Desert safari begins with Rs 2200 being the least expensive one, while the Premium one will cost you around Rs 3200, there are numerous Luxury alternatives of safari also, and the expense goes up till Rs 7000 to Rs 8000.

What’s The Difference Between Standard And Premium Desert Safari?

The Standard Desert Safari will be done close by the city, and consequently, it will be done on white sands. At the same time, the Premium Safari will be somewhat a long way from the city, and it will be done on Red Sands.

So also, Dune Bashing is performed for 15 minutes in Standard one and 30 minutes in the Premium one. While the mood of the camp and structure will be diverse in the two sorts.

Concerning the Shows, it will be the same in both, anyway these days in Premium Safari, the more critical part of the camps have included Ayala Dancing – customary move of UAE.

In conclusion, the essential contrast is concerning food. In standard safari, there are frequent objections regarding food, and the assortment they serve is regularly extremely less. However, in premium safari, they have vast food options, the grill is done live, and the taste is excellent.

Since you will do the Desert Safari once in your life, so wouldn’t fret going through some additional bucks and go with a decent manager who will furnish you with Premium Experience.

What Happens In Dubai Safari Park?

Aside from experience, the following are the facilities that are provided in a Dubai safari park:

Dubai safari park tickets offer


Pickup for Desert safari is done by 03.00 pm toward the evening, except if, in summers, when the temperature is excessively high, they defer the event to 4.30 to 05.00 to avoid the heat. You will be taken via Land Cruiser, which takes around 45 mins to 1 hour to arrive at the desert camp for Dubai City.

Rise Bashing:

The first stop is when you arrive at the hills. While the driver will allow you to take pictures. Then, he will bring down the breezy force in tires. And afterward, you prepare for Dune Bashing. This is commonly performed for 20 to 30 mins. Rise slamming is exciting and fun. Yet, significantly, you are safe during that. In case you are not feeling good, please advise the driver. Additionally, it is prescribed that if you are going with a newborn child or an older individual, you should book the safari on a Private premise as it will allow the driver to control the Dune slamming so it won’t be harsh.

Photograph Stop at Sunset:

The next stop is in the desert for around 15 to 20 mins, where you can take lovely photos of the desert. Fortunately, the sun will set as of now. Your photos will be satisfactory.

Stop at Camel Farm:

After that, you will move towards the camp. There is a short end at the camel ranch, where they will brief you with various qualities of camel and how significant camels are for the Arabs and how much they love them (This happens in Premium Safari). Then you move towards the camp. Once you show up at the field, you will be welcomed with a beverage.

Bird of prey Show:

The main action at the camp is the Falcon Show of 10 mins, where you can get a few experiences about the bird of prey. Additionally, get an opportunity to take a pic with a hawk.

Camel Ride:

You may also get a little camel ride, as others are in the line, and they need to ensure everybody finds the opportunity. Hence, the trip is a short 5 mins. You may pay somewhat extra and get a long journey.

Fire Show:

A show which is exciting inside and out. In the exhibit of 10 mins, the artist will make fire move, inhale fire, whirling fire, and furthermore.

Sand Boarding:

You may take a stab at sandboarding, which is freed from cost.

Shawarma Station:

When you feel hungry, charm yourself with Chicken Shawarma or Falafel Shawarma for Vegetarians.

SodaPops Station:

Next Station is Soft Drinks and Water counter, here you can take large soda pops, they have Liquor too which will be chargeable.

Shisha Station:

You have a free Shisha counter with an individual committed who will make the pot for you, change the coal and help you to make some incredible memories.

Henna Station:

Women have a free Henna Tattoo Station, and they will apply a little design since others are holding up in the line. They also make a delightful full print, which will be chargeable.