Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower, Burj Khalifa’s Twin Brother But Taller!

Dubai is known to be the first jolting city in the world. It is said to be the twin brother of Burj Khalifa that is better and taller. There are theories that the Dubai creek tower will be classified as the next highest building in the world. The UAE has always surprised us by the architectural structure of the country. It includes human-made islands and submerged eateries to skyscrapers.

The UAE has created buildings that will make you reconsider the conceivable outcomes and capabilities of a human brain. One such wonder is the up and coming “Dubai Creek Tower.” This might be yet another exceptional structure, outperforming minds, and recognitions.

The tower is counted as the incredible structural wonders in Dubai, however still under construction work. It will house observational decks to own entrancing perspectives on the full city. The tower is situated between the center of the Dubai Creek Harbor, another achievement venture within the Emirates. It will fill in as a business center point, however, expected to be the subsequent significant vacation destination.

Dubai Creek Tower Versus Burj Khalifa

The architects of Dubai did not stop after making Burj Khalifa in 2010. Creek Tower is yet another fantastic development by Emaar properties.

  • Research shows that Burj Khalifa is 228 m tall, whereas the creek tower is 928 m tall.
  • Construction for Creek tower started in 2016, and it is supposed to be completed in 2020-21. In contrast, Burj Khalifa was constructed in 2004 and was completed in 2009. However, in 2010 Burj Khalifa was open for tourists.
  • The total construction cost $1.5 billion for Burj Khalifa. However, it cost approximately 1 billion for the creek tower.
  • The Creek tower is supposed to have 210 floors (not confirmed), whereas Burj Khalifa has 163 stories.

Location of the Tower

The Creek Tower is situated at the Dubai Creek Harbor, which is a mixed-use addition by Emaar that’s set to being a definitive single, business, retail, and diversion goal of the town. However, if you are keen on being a chunk of the Dubai Creek Harbor resident group, there are many properties available able to book in this tower with the help of many real estate companies.

The Stature of Dubai Creek Tower

The tower is 928 meters-1400 meters long. The engineer Emaar will not report the particular tallness of Creek Tower until it officially opened in 2020 or later. By not relieving the height, they can keep its range from being outperformed by some potential opponents.

After the plan of the tower was divulged in February 2016, the architect Santiago Calatrava told the media that the tower would be a step taller than Burj Khalifa. However, in June 2016, Emaar Properties told the press that the tower would be a hundred meters taller than Burj Khalifa, which means it will be around 928 meters tall. From that time forward, the media began to use figure 928 to present the stature of the Creek Tower.

A video presented in Dubai Mall gave a trace of the stature of the tower In August 2017. As per the video, it tends to be roughly hypothesized that 8 Creek Tower stacked on each other will attain a height of 11 kilometers, consequently the tower will be 1300 meters.

Development and Costs on the Tower

The process of constructing the Creek Tower started in October 2016. Therefore the earth-shattering service was given to His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prince of Dubai. The design is required to be finished before the finish of 2020 or in mid-2021. The tower is being worked within the region of the Dubai Creek, near the Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary. The expense of building was initially anticipated to be around $1 billion. However, closing costs are relied upon to exceed predictions because the tower saw modifications during development.

Architect Plan of the Tower

The plan originates from the Spanish-Swiss planner and designer Santiago Calatrava. It can be the focus of the Dubai Creek Harbour progress, another midtown area with an excellent store. Its horizon is situated on the alternative side of Dubai Creek.


It is said that the sort of a desert lily rouses the tower. However, the tower looks increasingly sort of a rocket prepared for a start-up within the wake of discharging the support links. After around 800m, the extended lift shaft thickens to bloom, instead of a rocket tower, which takes into consideration the use of roughly just 30 stories.

Alongside some open decks, cafés, and boutique lodging, there is a discussion about the world’s most grand mosque. This may permit one to arrive late for evening prayers due to the sun setting moments later at 1000m height.

Is it the Tallest Building on the Planet?

Dubai Creek Tower would not be exposed to be recognized as the World’s Tallest Building, because as per The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), a building is viewed as the tallest building mainly if 50% of its stature is tenable. Hence for the Creek Tower, under 30 percent of tallness will have livable floors. This criteria of the CTBUH is disputable and is not accepted by many. The engineer of the Creek Tower and open media still claim it to be the tallest structure in the world because the tower includes a remarkable structure that is different from the standard touring towers.

Uses of Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower is mostly functioned for perception decks or sky gardens. Moreover, there will be 20 stories involved by lodgings and cafés too, and even residential options.

According to current postings on Bayut, the rental cost for one-bedroom condos in Dubai Creek Harbor, it begins at AED 75,000 yearly. A two-bedroom rental in Dubai Creek Harbor begins from AED 110k. A 3 bedroom loft for lease in Dubai Creek Harbor starts from AED 140k per annum.

The radio wire on the tower is utilized for broadcasting, which makes the tower the best place for a variety of lifestyle options.