Facts About Dubai’s Real Estate Market That You Didn’t Know

Dubai is a city that houses the tallest buildings in the world, with numerous towering skyscrapers that have always fascinated people across the globe. Dubai’s modern and refined architecture attracts tourists and locals alike, and simple superlatives don’t even come close to describing the sheer awe that people experience while looking at this city.

But there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to real estate in Dubai – as much as you think you know it, the world of real estate has some lesser-known facts, and it can be beneficial to be informed about the same before you take your decision to buy a property in Dubai. Let us take you through a few of these facts.

There are many eminent hotspots and unique neighbourhoods in the city.

The beauty of Jumeirah Beach Residence: Imagine waking up to a view of thick palm trees and the stunning Jumeirah beach. A villa in The Palm, which is the eighth wonder of the world, would have all this and more. A 6500 sq. ft. villa would cost around AED 20 Million.

Life in the fast lane at Dubai Sports City: Dubai Sports City and Jumeirah Village Circle are also great localities with numerous facilities to boot. From shopping complexes to educational institutes, every amenity is available at close proximity to these neighbourhoods, making them ideal for residents.

The aesthetically pleasing Dubai Design District: Another fantastic neighbourhood in Dubai is the Dubai Design District. This district is known for art, fashion, and all sorts of creative expression. It is an ideal place for anyone with creative zeal, who wishes to live in a place surrounded by creative energy.

Jumeirah Lake Tower’s gastronomical delights: Meanwhile, food lovers can choose the neighbourhoods of Jumeirah Lake Towers or JLT. The area, which – at first – just appears to be a lump of residential and commercial complexes, has few of the most unique eateries of the city.

Dubai Profits Better ROI Than Most Metro Cities In The World

Dubai is one of the most sought-after places to invest in property. Owing to the presence of futuristic facilities and amenities and the absence of property tax, Dubai has become a hotbed for real estate investment. In addition to this, the rental returns in property are amongst the highest in the world. While Hong Kong, London, and Singapore offer a rental return of around 3%, this rate goes up to 10% in Dubai, making it all the more attractive to investors.

Buying Property In Dubai Makes You Eligible For A Resident Visa

Ownership of property in Dubai grants you eligibility for a Resident Visa. Throughout its rich history and heritage, the UAE has consistently opened its door to millions of individuals, ranging across a host of diverse cultures. Attaining a Resident Visa accrues a host of benefits – firstly, it is a 10-year visa. Additionally, the process is hassle-free and notably efficient, with the entire process lasting not more than a couple of weeks. Obtaining a Resident Visa also allows individuals to open a bank account, obtain a driver’s license, and register a car in Dubai. This visa offers unprecedented advantages to the holders and their families while also bolstering the environment for business and growth.

Dubai has strict laws and state-of-the-art facilities and owning property in the city is profitable for residents and investors alike. Be it the breath-taking views of the Palm or the quirky lifestyle of Dubai Design District, Dubai can offer something to everyone. Having said that, dealing with real estate can be tricky, but with the help of these facts and through the support of our experts, you can make an informed decision.